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The Ming Contemporary Art Museum, hosted our first encounter in Shanghai. Divided into two floors, the museum is built in a U-shape with a sunken stage in the centre. In this sunken space Iratxe lead a public rehearsal with Igor. Their partnership so complimentary and seamless, the one guiding and suggesting paths to refine motions. 

The audience was invited to watch various dance films after the rehearsal. The first, footage of Iratxe and Igor dancing in and around the dramatic ruins in Pompeii; another short film shot in Mexico, where human (Iratxe) and insect (a moth in this case) become alike in characteristic qualities, intertwined with feelings of claustrophobia. The main film was the METAMORPHOSIS INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCY DOCUMENTARY.

A lovely co-incidence too was a concurrent dance film exhibition on at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum. Curated by Tsai Yun-Ting, a researcher of dance film. The exhibition featured 31 artists from 18 countries, and could be view in various rooms and spaces in the museum.

Pictures by McaM

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