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Sometimes, experiences are hard to capture with words - the Long Museum encounter was one of them.

Chinese sculptor Zhan Wang’s impressive exhibition “Forms in Flux” together with the spectacular architecture of the Long Museum was the backdrop and trigger for great inspiration.

Our dancers were treated to a personalised guided tour and explanation of Wang’s artwork. It was important for the dancers to have background knowledge about the space and exhibition to put things into context.

During the dance intervention FAR INFINITY have played a composition that have been played throughout the PA system of the entire museum.

Within the high ceiling concrete museum, Iratxe and Igor guided dancers in improvisation while audience members walked between them.


Moving sculptures among the still ones. An explosion of creativity! An interactive work in progress presentation and audience Q&A session followed.

Thank you Long Museum, you were a gem!  

Video by Johnatan Molina

Shooting by Lee Wai Leung

Pictures by Michael Wang

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